Singer Neeti Mohan on curtailing her Australian vacation thanks to coronavirus scare

Bollywood singer Neeti Mohan was having the time of her life with husband Nihar Pandya and her lovely sisters Mukti and Shakti Mohar on their Australian vacation once they had to chop their trip short due to the coronavirus scare. Opening up about the scary experience, Neeti reportedly told a news portal that although it had been just the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the numbers suddenly increased. She added that she heard that actor Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson, who was also in Australia, had contracted coronavirus, it had been alarming.

Elaborating further, she added that they were shooting within the same country, and she or he got an attack thinking if someone of that league can catch on, then they could also get affected. She stated that her parents also called them and asked them to return immediately.

They were reportedly were to return originally on St Patrick’s Day but they rushed to India on March 12. Calling the whole experience “scary”, she stated that they reached the airport to board their flights, it had been all deserted. She also added that once they landed, there have been only a few people and that they got through the immigration process very quickly, with proper check-ups.

The singer also added that things has been emotionally and psychologically taxing for them as they don’t know if that has affected them or not and there’s no cure. She also said that her in-laws are doctors and that they guided them through these tough times.

Neeti Mohan, alongside her family reportedly plans to remain in Pune where they’re currently self-quarantined until Pan American Day , when the nationwide lockdown is scheduled to be lifted.

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