Bengali Wedding

Weddings are the foremost important a part of one’s life. It brings lot of sentiments and joy to the couple. Marriage may be a beginning of latest life for the couple. The bride leaves back her memories way back at her maternal house and enters into an entire new life together with her new life partner. Generally, the families celebrate and declare the union of the couple with great pomp and show. Indian weddings are known for his or her colourful event, which is filled with various traditions and customs.

Most of the days, these traditions have some significance or other. These customs would be important for the longer term and wellbeing of the couple. This being the rationale, the families just don’t compromise with the arrangements for the grand event of the life. The arrangements include invitations, hall bookings, arranging for the priests, making an inventory of all the events which are to be organized, etc.

The most awaited and interesting a part of any wedding is buying the bride and groom. an equivalent is that the case of Bengali weddings. Both Bengali bride and groom keep getting new stuff throughout the ceremony, until the top. they’re treated very royally, by the entire family with many affections and a lot of love. Each and each necessary thing are taken care of by both the families to form the marriage a successful and memorable event.

Though the Bengali market has seen two different sections: the normal wear and therefore the designer wear, most of the Bengali couples prefer traditional wear over the designer wear for the marriage. they typically keep the designer wear for the evening reception. A Bengali bride looks extremely awesome during a traditional saree. truth essence of Bengali tradition is found in every Bengali wedding.

Dressing a Bengali bride is straightforward, yet a difficult task. The Bengali bride is draped in red or crimson banarasi saree. the fashionable bride wears saree in red, pink, maroon etc. the top is additionally covered with red veil. The saree has rich golden embroidery throughout. Modern fashion designers have designed tons of such stuff, keeping in mind the contemporary look of the Bengali bride. the fashionable Bengali bride and groom also choose combined colours themes, which really work wonder. the colour red is given highest preference for the Bengali brides, be it contemporary or traditional. the colour adds charm and glow to the sweetness of each bride. the colour red is additionally considered very auspicious for weddings and good luck.

The bridal attire is complimented with traditional Bengali jewellery. The bride’s forehead is adorned with beautiful patterns and a red bindi within the center on the forehead increases the charm of the Bengali bride. The Bengali bride wears beautiful mukut sort of a princess. The Bengali groom is neatly wearing silk dhoti and kurta generally crème in colour. The groom also covers his head with a stunning turban, make him look royal. Both the bride and therefore the groom wear floral garlands, specifically white in color, which are later exchanged during holy recital by the pandit. The ceremony is named the Mala Bodol.

The ceremony is extremely lavish and everybody is happy throughout the marriage. It ends with few post wedding rituals which happen at the groom’s place.


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